Why do so many managers hesitate?

Managers should act or firmly not act, with a decision and action !

So few do, and many in small businesses, wait, hoping the result or answer will develop itself, and it will, generally not to the betterment of the company or staff , morale…and probably customer opinion too !

Managers are there to act and lead firmly and to know what to manage and monitor in order that required results are obtained and their customer…whether in company or external, is satisfied. They need good communication, good data pertinent to their result process, so that tweaking, changing approach is well nominated and shows up on the monitor !

Perfection rarely occurs in business but no action or constant dithering , little actions are most often costly, deadly to morale and disguise a weakening position that is already showing up, at the bottom line.

A clear business plan for the smallest of companies is essential, as is measurement…and the courage to make changes, even mistakes, so that outcomes are clean and apparent.

Don’t be afraid to take action, or firmly decide not to ! And communicate this, so your staff feel they are being led, and that you are aware of the dynamics of your business and on the case !